The Devamani Collection

Devamani is a Sanskrit name which literally translates to "Jewel of the Gods". Because Lada Legina's exclusive Party-wear statement jewelry collection will make you feel nothing less than what the name stands for. With jewelry pieces that were prepared with the most splendid care and techniques as if they were meant to be the gifts for Gods, treat yourself with sophisticated finery where finding a match of the same in any other collection from anywhere else might seem like a divine punishment. Come New Year's and you would not want to feel anything less than a diva. Adorned in the most glittering of our statement pieces, appease the inner Goddess within you by wearing timeless pieces from LadaLegina's exclusive collection. Welcome the oncoming year with the quiet confidence of a Goddess who knows how to rein the demons; come what may.

With bold design patterns combined with pastel hues, our earrings, as representative pieces of our entire collection, stand out for the flamboyance that they carry. Heavy and dramatic, they complement all those personalities which attract attention towards themselves, without making even the slightest of any attempt to do so.  The Head Turners, the Leaders of the Pack, the Flag bearers-are some of the sobriquets that shoppers of our fine jewelry earn for themselves by choosing to shop from us. And we know how not to offend your elevated aspirations.



Nadya Dzyak Pre-Fall 2019

Devamani collection Nadya Dzyak

Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Denis Manokha
Statement Jewelry: LADA LEGINA

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Inspired By Nature

If you have been paying close (or maybe even distant) attention to runway trends over the past decade, you will notice an overwhelming use of nature inspired motifs being incorporated in jewelry designs. While most designers use plant twigs or floral stems as a safe option for designing their jewelry, some bold mavericks walk down the difficult path of using representatives of the animal world-and not just silhouette outlines, but exact body pattern down to the last detail. One such maverick is Lada Legina. Not only is her jewelry in alignment with the current fashion trend, it stands out from the crowd for its meticulous- almost punctilious- layout design. Encrusted with the choicest of faux as well as real gems, crystals and pearls these jewelry pieces are a combination of contemporary quirkiness and aesthetic timelessness in equal proportions. Lada Legina's jewelry can easily blend in any kind of dress style, but stands out for its unique and bold designs. 

Speaking of specific examples from Lada Legina's collection, there is the Bronzed Wasp mono-earring that looks like an exact replica of a typical bug, but also doubles up as a stylish adornment; something that most entomology nerds would not be able to contain their excitement about. Similarly, style meets sharpness in the extremely lovable Blue Golden Parrot Brooch. Other elegant nature inspired statement pieces demand a book for themselves, not finding a mention here due to paucity of space. To check them all out, visit:

Lada Legina Jewelry.JPG
Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
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Glint Of The Crystal

Lada Legina's handmade crystal mono earrings are a treat for your eyes. Hand crafted to perfection, each piece is an ode to a trend that has been around for years. These dramatic dripping earrings glint when exposed to sunshine-or any other light for that matter. With their fabulously cumbersome design, these earrings function as the perfect solution for a gamut of occasions such as birthday parties, office parties, Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as dates and reunions. Any such place that is not too strict about its dress code where you can spread your wings of flamboyance and fabulousness. 

Lada Legina Jewelry
Lada Legina Jewelry
Lada Legina Jewelry.JPG
Lada Legina Jewelry.JPG

Faux crystal jewelry has and perhaps always had been the talk of the town. Stylish yet affordable, you do not necessarily have to spend a bomb to buy your favorite crystal jewelry pieces. Although initially, it was associated with giggly schoolgirls attempting to handcraft a cheap trinket like souvenir for their friendship, this myth has been done and dusted away with-far in the corners of everyone's memory. Today, crystal jewelry is a serious business- though it still has not left behind its traditional hand-made origins entirely. The only difference between contemporary crystal jewelry and that of the past is an increase in design precision and complexity.

Lada Legina's handmade crystal mono earrings are a treat for your eyes. Hand crafted to perfection, each piece is an ode to a trend that has been around for years. These dramatic dripping earrings glint when exposed to sunshine-or any other light for that matter. With their fabulously cumbersome design, these earrings function as the perfect solution for a gamut of occasions such as birthday parties, office parties, Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as dates and reunions. Any such place that is not too strict about its dress code where you can spread your wings of flamboyance and fabulousness. 

To shop for Lada Legina's handmade crystal jewelry, visit:

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Gleam in Darkness
Pink Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg

It is almost impossible to imagine the horrors and pain of going through domestic violence: whether physical, sexual or mental, and the shock of it all when it comes from the hands of a loved one. It is even more horrifying when the presence of emotionally precarious children is involved. Saddening as it may be, it is an atrocious reality of the times that we live in. According to BO "Positive Women", almost one-third of all women were subjected to physical and/or sexual violence from their partners. And almost 40% of the killings of women around the world are performed by their partners. In 90% of cases, most of all domestic violence sufferers are women and children. Such spine-chilling statistics are enough to make anyone brood in despair and yet, many women and children are using their experiences of suffering to mould them into tools of victory.

Take for example, the case of Elena Stryzhak. Her tryst with HIV may have put her life into disarray for a brief period of time; where she experienced constant emotional upheavals, while being pregnant. Instead of receiving the support that she deserved, she received scorn and dejection. But that did not deter her from helping other HIV positive women from experiencing similar negativity, where she has been working for sixteen years in a row to minimize the difficulties and stress faced by them. So that not only their children are free from the disease, but live happier lives with their mothers. Elena's iron will and compassion allowed her to feature in Pink magazine's December edition. Not only that, Lada Legina ( the famous statement jewelry and accessories brand- stands in support for her.

Such positive support streaming in for victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse has instilled a ray of hope among those who go through tough times routinely. Moreover, it sends the message out to those victims still living in the dark that it is okay to end the vicious cycle of abuse that they have had received so far. That it is okay to reach out for help and heal from the trauma that they have been through. Like it is with jewelry, people are more beautiful when they gleam in darkness.

December issue of PINK Magazine Ukraine

Elena Stryzhak in our statement earrings.
Style: Varvara Barto

pink magazine lada legina jewelry featured.jpg
Pink magazine
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Alyona Alyona’s Steps To Stardom- With Lada Legina Jewelry

The Lada Legina jewelry brand has made a reputation for itself by standing in support of women who know their voices and do not let the noise of the crowd drown it out; much like the typical jewelry pieces of Lada Legina’s pop art collection.  The eccentricities of the jewelry’s design act as its biggest USP, with the colours and glinting jewels it comes embellished with only adding further to its boldness. The jewelry has been designed to be heard- while it makes its statement loud and clear.  Being proud of its roots and references, never letting any peer pressure or societal diktats make it cower in lack of validation- the pop art collection of Lada Legina has been designed keeping in mind the women of today- powerful, strong and utterly confident of who they are and whatever they choose to do.

One such woman we will discuss here is Ukraine’s rising star- AlyonaAlyona. Although initially a kindergarten teacher, this fiery personality found her true calling in the rap music industry; and what a splendid rapper she is! Although just a few music videos old, this lady spits fire on the mic and her rap flow as well as solid bars can give many established rappers a run for their money. Lada Legina is proud of the fact that AlyonaAlyona chose to sport its earrings in a recent photos hoot for the Pink magazine. May all of AlyonaAlyona’s starry dreams come true.  

AlyonaAlyona Pink Magazine Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
Pink Magazine AlyonaAlyona Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg

To shop from the pop art collection of Lada Legina, visit:

Hip-hop Singer #alyonaalyona featured on the December issue of PINK Magazine Ukraine in our statement earrings.
Style: Varvara Barto
Dress: ÁMA Unique

Pink Magazina LadaLegina Jewelry.png
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Defining Her Space
LADA LEGINA JEWELRY_ Vika Adamskaya clothing.jpg

The new pop art collection of statement earrings by Lada Legina is about a lot more than experimenting with a new kind of art form. Her new collection, which encompasses the vibrance and energy of pop art while combining it with the elegance and luxe quality of typical Lada Legina designs, might seem like a departure from the norm but is in fact very in keeping with the aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love. She has traded shimmer and sparkles for a richer, more dramatic style and it works perfectly as the newest addition to her line of statement accessories.

However, this new collection is about more than just pretty jewelry. As told by the designer herself, the collection is about her connection to energy and the world around us. In particular, the Space Luna Earrings speak to the designers relationship to energy, space and the cosmos, encapsulated in a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry. This energy and aesthetic are also echoed in the new designer's women’s apparel collection by Vika Adamskaya.

“When we talk about space and energy this collection means a lot to me. It’s about my feelings, my emotions, and soul. And not space in the literal sense of the sun, moon and stars but space in a more ethereal, transient sense, like heaven,” 

The collection is about defining her own space and making her mark on the world—“Space for me means challenging and commanding my energy, my kosmos and feeling freedom and a deeper connection to my own space and the world around me.”

This isn’t far from what we already know about Legina. She is a designer who designs for the individual and the woman who knows who she is. She designs for the fearless, the fierce and of course the fabulous. And this new collection is just the beginning.

Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Evgeniy Kostyuchenko
MUA: Iryna Khomyakova Make Up School
Post-production: Fashion Office
Models: SonTrava, Darina K (1motheragency)

Clothing: Vika Adamskaya

Jewelry: Lada Legina Jewelry & Accessories

Lada Legina Jewelry .jpg
Lada Legina Earrings & Vika Adamskaya clothing.jpg
Lada Legina Earrings & Vika Adamskaya clothing.jpg
Lada Legina Jewelry & Vika Adamskaya Clothing.jpg
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Pop Art and Lada Legina—A Match-Made In Jewelry Heaven
Pop Art Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" –Andy Warhol

Picture it— it’s a decade or so post-WWII, and everyone’s a rebel. American twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings are wearing flower crowns (some are wearing afros), smoking weed and promoting peace, love and anti-establishment. The world of art is no different. Artists of the day were over the status-quo, and decided art didn’t need to be “high-brow” or complicated to be worthwhile or important; mass appeal and popular, relatable art could be important. And it could be beautiful.  This was the birth of pop art—vibrant, witty, and fun; it was art that didn’t take itself too seriously… which of course was the whole point.

“Art is what you can get away with”- Andy Warhol

Now some might say that pop art is making a comeback; others will say it never left. However, a look at some of the most influential catwalks will show more and more designers using the pop art era as inspiration as rule-breaking becomes fashionable again.

As usual, always a little bit ahead of the curve, the accessory industry’s favorite ‘eclectic meets glam’ designer has tapped into her inner Andy Warhol to produce a collection of exuberant, exciting earring designs.

Considering designer, Lada Legina’s love of vibrant colors and eclectic shapes, the only surprise is that a pop art-inspired collection didn’t come sooner. Her newest jewelry collection can be described simply as a match-made in heaven, as Legina’s signature, unique, whimsical look suits the over-the-top pop-art aesthetic perfectly. 

This particular collection features some familiar shapes and motifs such as big bold geometric stars, funky, silly hearts, cartoonish 3D circles and much more fabulousness. The pieces are exaggerated and dramatic, featuring monochrome color palettes and delicate, hand-sewn beading. In keeping with the pop art theme, this collection has dialed back some of signature Lada Legina sparkle that we’ve come to know and love. However, in its place are rich, luscious jeweled tones, with a rustic, almost antique shine.  And even without the sequins and shimmer, the pieces still maintain a sense of premium luxury and high-end design.

The attention to detail remains strong, as with every Legina collection; her meticulous hand and artistic eye, as usual, shine through. Like the pop art the collection was inspired by, these pieces are not delicate or dainty. They are loud, energetic statement pieces and the perfect new additions for the Lada Legina girl—a woman who is fearless and fabulous.

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Pop Sensation, KAZKA Shines in Lada Legina Jewelry

Music and fashion have always shared a special relationship. Artists and icons all over the world have used the two— music and fashion— as a means of self-expression since the beginning of time. Top 10 World Chart musical trio, KAZKA used a piece of our newest collection in a photo shoot, as they promote their hit song, PLAKALA (CRY).

KAZKA, which means “FAIRYTALE” in English, dabbles in many different types of pop including electro-pop, experimental pop, and folk-inspired tunes. Lada Legina’s signature whimsical fashion-forward aesthetic is as dreamy and elegant at the same time. Her beautiful, hand-crafted pieces often look like they belong in a modern-day fairytale.

PLAKALA, translated in English as “CRY” is a heart-wrenching song that has connected to listeners far beyond Europe. It is the first Ukrainian track that has ever made it into the Shazam Top 10 World Chart and YouTube Top 10 World Chart. Lead vocalist, Oleksandra Zaritska, is rocking the Golden Pearl Hoop statement earrings (which are becoming bestsellers!), with wavy brown hair, natural makeup, and a simple, chic black dress. The styling of the shoot is understated glam and the perfect match for the very popular earrings from the new collection.

We’ve always said Lada Legina designs for every woman, and she just keeps expanding her repertoire!

Listen to this popular Global Top 100 song right now with ShazamShazam

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Accessorizing your Cold Weather Style
Model posing in studio in trendy clothes

While Lada Legina’s pieces have demonstrated their versatility, being featured in a variety of different photoshoots, they seem to work particularly well with this uber chic aesthetic which combines old school Hollywood glamor with heavy winter fabrics and classic styles but also introduces bright, vibrant shades not usually associated with winter in the city. We see that the Golden Pearl Hoop earrings continue to catch the eye of designer after designer, while the Sapphire Snowflake mono earring is perhaps the perfect winter accessory, sparkling against a perfectly matched cashmere-wool blend coat. The combination of the two luxury brands make for every beautiful picture, indeed! 

Ukrainian designer, Julia Pomoshko has embraced the classic urban aesthetic in her FW16/17 Lookbook which features classic silhouettes and rich color palettes. Fall and winter are well known for their luxe, heavy fabrics which Julia Pomoshko has artfully designed in vibrant hues for a very classic yet contemporary look. Lada Legina’s statement accessory line makes the perfect complement to the stunning collection of high-end, ready to wear, cold weather pieces. The signature quirky-glamour of every Lada Legina accessory works well in this city-inspired lookbook, with some of her most popular pieces on display.

Cities were made for cold-weather fashion. Sure, summer and spring have their own “city moments”, but once the temperature drops, the city truly comes alive. Avenues become catwalks and glossy high-rises and beautiful brownstones become the perfect drop for stunning fall and winter fashions.

Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Андрей Безуглов (Andrey Bezuglov)
MUA: Julia Kuzmenko
Post-production: Denis Kushch
Model Маша Крюкова (Masha Kryukova)


Jewelry: Lada Legina Jewelry & Accessories

Designer Julia Pomoshko & Jewelry Designer Lada Legina.jpg
Model posing in studio in trendy clothes
classic urban Pomoshko statement jewelry Lada Legina.jpg
Model posing in studio in trendy clothes
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Queen of Versatility

Queen of Versatility

sammyicon_fw18-lada legina jewelry.jpg

Switching up aesthetics must be Lada Legina’s middle name because she is just so good at it. Just when you think you can put her glam-rock style into a box, she surprises you again. Her signature eclectic-luxurious aesthetic continues to catch the eye of forward-thinking stylists, designers and photographers in the fashion industry all over the world. The versatility of her stunning, handcrafted pieces is demonstrated, once again, in this latest Sammy Icon photoshoot.

Sammy Icon is a leading designer of funky, urban socks and the brand is known for its loud, “in your face” patterns and prints. Sammy Icon is a brand that speaks to the rebel― the ones who set the trends rather than follow them. Their bright, mismatched socks and funky, retro styling formed the perfect foundation to show off two of Lada Legina’s signature pieces. 

We’ve seen Lada Legina statement accessories in the throes of glitz and glam and we’ve also seen the more understated elegant side brought out of them. Now we see the brand’s true ability to be moulded and shaped to fit any style or aesthetic. The Chrome Pearl Mono earring truly comes alive against the funky backdrop of neon lavender and mint micro jumpsuit and bronze skin. Mono earrings are already a major style statement but when paired with offbeat nineties swag, the mono style truly comes alive. The Golden Pearl Hoop earrings also take stage, their antique glamour forming the perfect contrast for the uber trendy all-red ensemble and funky kicks.

Lada Legina designs for every woman and every style― and this shoot proves it. Keep an eye out for more from this Rockstar designer and see what barriers the brand will push through next.

sammyicon_fw18-lada legina jewelry 2018.jpg
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The New Photoshoot Just Keeps Turning Up the Heat!

The Mad Max-inspired editorial shoot was featured in the October issue of Faust Magazine, a Paris-based fashion and lifestyle magazine. The spread gave a new meaning to “avant-garde”, featuring edgy designs by DZHUS Conceptual Wear, a line of “conceptual womenswear featuring avant-garde cut and multipurpose transformations”. Designer of DZHUS, Irina Dzhus was also the stylist for the over-the-top shoot, shot by Jude Fotografy in an old construction yard which served as the perfect backdrop to the high-quality, premium pieces. DZHUS designs were perfectly made for the Mad Max theme of the shoot, and the selected Lada Legina pieces with their understated glamour perfectly complemented the conceptual wear. The styling decisions by Dzhus to have the models oiled and grungy, helped showcase the pieces and statement jewelry in their best light, highlighting the intricate details and high-quality materials. 

Fresh off the release her brand-new statement accessories collection, Lada Legina continues making waves in the fashion industry. Just-released collection features a signature eclectic meets luxurious style, with beautiful designs and delicately handcrafted pieces. The recent campaign was a departure from her previous one, where she swapped Rockstar glam for understated dramatic elegance, showing how her pieces are designed for women across a broad spectrum.

The particular standout shot featured a dramatic sapphire conceptual coat which was accented by a Lada Legina ‘Shooting Star’ Mono Earring. This piece has been a favourite from the new collection and its beauty and uniqueness was truly captured in the shoot.

We are looking forward to more collaborations between this dream team and check out the looks in the October issue of Faust Magazine!

The "Mad Max" editorial, styled by Irina Dzhus has just been released in Faust Magazine #4 (France)!

Stylist: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio
Photographer: Jude Fotografy
MUA: Julia Vasilkovskaya
Hair stylist: Наталка Капустина
Models: Olga ButkoDiana Nikolaeva / Direct Model ManagementAnastasiya KolomietsElizabeth Tedvina Malonga-Miaketiteo / Prime model managementАнастасія Слободенюк, Snezhana Golovko / PM MODELS

Faust_by Irina Dzhus & Jude P._DSC_1447 (2).jpg
Faust_by Irina Dzhus & Jude P._DSC_1381 (2).jpg
Faust_by Irina Dzhus & Jude P._DSC_2210 (2).jpg
Faust_by Irina Dzhus & Jude P._DSC_2458 (1).jpg
Faust_by Irina Dzhus & Jude P._DSC_2484 (1).jpg
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The Rise And Rise Of Art World’s Underdog


Pop art was the art world’s outcast ever since it was born. The reasons for that situation were plenty. Traditionalists who imagined themselves as patrons of art turned up their noses at pop art’s in-your-face graphic imagery.  Pop Art was not the shy kid at the block. It was very confident about who it was, denouncing the conventional rules of gallery and museum worthy art- deeming it too pretentious for its sake. As a result, traditionalists devised their own methods to denigrate pop art and dent its rising popularity. They called it “lowbrow”- as in, a form of art that cannot induce anything intellectual and was meant only for visual appeasement. And what was pop art’s reaction to all this? A greater scoffing of anything remotely traditional while it owned the new nomenclature handed down to it. Call pop art lowbrow as much as you want, you cannot deny that it is art meant for everybody. A kind of art that does not need to be validated to exist. Street walls and building facades became its canvas. Canned spray paints its components and psychedelic trance imagination as its accepted mural. No other artwork today can boast of the diversity that pop art holds. The likes of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring-among others- became its proud proponents. Truly, pop art was a people’s movement against the snobby establishment.  

Lada Legina- the famous Miami based statement jewelry brand has always stood up for the people. It is no wonder then, that she must stand up for pop-art as well. Contributing in her own way through an attractive line of surreal pop art posters which can be found on her official website, Lada Legina has paid homage to the magnificence of the pop art movement. Come, check them out at:

Surreal Salvador Dali Inspired Lada Legina Jewelry
Surreal PopArt Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
Surreal Salvador Dali inspired Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
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Simplicity Meets Glamour: The New Accessory Line

“It’s all about the elegance in simplicity. You know? Restrained but still striking. Fitted trousers. Menswear inspired pieces. Tweed suits and silk shifts. Low heels or no heels. Oxford shoes and the like. And then you add some sparkle, a little glam. A bit of lace here, a touch of sequins here. Not enough to distract from the look, simply enough to enhance it. To take it to another level. To show the beautiful balance that can be achieved by combining simplicity along with glamour.”


Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Polina Grebenik
MUA: Kristina Buriak
Clothing: thebody.wear / Mariya Yaslinskaya
Statement Jewelry: Lada Legina


Say hello to the new Lada Legina line of accessories, featuring her signature eclectic meets luxurious style, with beautiful designs and delicately handcrafted pieces. If you are familiar with her work, then you already know that Lada Legina does not design for the girl-next-door but for the woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word.
This time, her campaign focuses on the idea that you can be less and be more at the same time. Instead of over-the-top rockstar glam, this collection is less loud but more personal. The models have been meticulously styled to show how simplicity and glamour can coexist beautifully. Legina has cleverly created a campaign which draws on rich, earthy hues and simple, delicate silhouettes, to create images that show off her new collection in a perfect light. And despite the lack of sparkles and sequins, the line which consists of stunning mono earrings as well as bracelets and cuffs, still makes a major statement.
This collection is quiet but determined. It is for a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. She does not need to scream “look at me!”, she simply walks into a room and everyone stares. Her jewelry is of course, unique. But being unique does not mean that is designed with crazy colors and in-your-face designs. In fact, her jewelry is uniquely understated, boldly restrained, elegantly fabulous. When everyone else is trying to stand out of the crowd but outdoing the next, the Lada Legina girl of this collection, does less but somehow it is still the most. As usual, only a handful of each accessory is developed because Legina’s philosophy dictates that accessories are meant to be special and not mass-produced.
We also see Legina’s love of the traditional in this collection. Her pieces are classic but still dynamic and vibrant enough for the modern woman. In one phrase, this new design collection is “simplicity meets glamour” and there is a piece for everyone.
The new Lada Legina collection and brand-new campaign photoshoot, are both now available at and

1448 (1).jpg
677 (1).jpg
1853 (1).jpg
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Draped In Silky Smoothness
LadaLegina dress.jpg

Silk is a fabric that is fit to belong to the wardrobes of royalty. Its ethereal fine quality feels like a lavish compliment to one’s skin. There is something very airy and musical about silk’s texture, where each of the strands deployed for the great purpose of constituting the fabric add a lyrical quality to produce a harmonious symphony of smooth cloth that silk ends up becoming.  Silk exudes soft radiance. It is the most luscious and exuberant of all fabric textures available today- something your skin- if it were a person- would swoon over. Because the love affair between your skin and silk is a match set in heaven. 

However, seeing the fine quality that silk possesses, most people assume that silk clothes should only be reserved for those rare special occasions.  This is where Lada Legina would like to bust the myth of silk’s usability. Not everything that is beautifully rich has to be dainty and fragile.  Silk can be used for everyday fashion, just as much as any other fabric can be. Although there may be the inevitable fading of your silk material, it would only add on a layer of vintage quality to your silk garment. Neither does silk require any royal care, contrary to the image that it portrays. Regular hand wash and/or dry cleaning should work just fine. 

With that being cleared, Lada Legina boasts of an excellent silk wardrobe which can be checked out at: &

LadaLegina Off the Shoulder Dress.jpg
Vest Lada Legina Art.jpg
LadaLegina Brand.jpg
Embroidered Belt Accsessories LadaLegina. jpg
Lada Legina Silk Dresses.jpg
LadaLegina Silk Embroidered Dresses. jpg
Lada LeginaComment
Lada Legina brings back Brooches, Masks and more with HER Collection of STATEMENT Accessories

Like a tropical flower blossoming alone on a raw mountainside, the colorful sequins drew the eyes of everyone in the room. They formed a sparkling creature crawling out of the sea of black dresses, like an animal escaping a dark cave to shine its colors in the sun.


Photographed by  Ania Brudna , the advertisements focus on brooch embellished clothes, rock star cross earrings as well as chic handbags. For beauty,  Maria T  ( PM Models ) creates the luminous makeup looks by Irina Dzhus @ DZHUS Style Studio. /  Styling by Irina Dzhus    @ DZHUS Style Studio   , Clothing by designer    Iva Nerolli

Photographed by Ania Brudna, the advertisements focus on brooch embellished clothes, rock star cross earrings as well as chic handbags. For beauty, Maria T (PM Models) creates the luminous makeup looks by Irina Dzhus @ DZHUS Style Studio. / Styling by Irina Dzhus @ DZHUS Style Studio, Clothing by designer Iva Nerolli


She wore the glamorous brooch like a glam rocker unapologizing and fearlessly taking the stage. Not trying to blend in, but stand out and display her individuality through sparkling statement jewelry.


lada legina designer accessories ad campaign.jpg



With her SS18 Accessory Collection, Lada Legina is releasing a range of handcrafted designs, including pearl, sequin, and crystal embellished brooches, masks, statement earrings, chic handbags and more. The Lada Legina SS18 collection is now available at and

New SS18 collection features exclusive statement accessories in limited quantities out of the belief that accessories are meant to make the wearer stand out as unique.



designer accessories lada legina collection.jpg


The designs are a break with the minimalistic monochromatic order of contemporary style. The glamorous brooches elevate understated outfits and dare to make a dramatic statement. A flash of color in an otherwise monochromatic world.

The accessories are inspired by the close connection with nature of the people native to the mountain region in western Ukraine where Lada Legina has her roots. The sparkling sequins and crystals embellishing the baroque, but sophisticated, brooches form complex 3- dimensional natural motifs that will capture the eyes with continuous depths and details. Designed and handcrafted in the US, glamorously patterned earrings and dramatically colored masks draw inspiration from traditional Ukrainian patterns and the blossoming colors of the Florida spring.


I strongly believe that you can feel when something is handcrafted, you can sense the heart and soul that the artisan put into crafting it. In general, I strive to create something that yields back towards the old-fashioned traditions of handwork and artisanship. And that is why this exclusive collection is limited to the quantities allowed by tedious handcrafting techniques.

— Lada Legina, designer


With its strong colors and unapologizing glamour, the collection is a modern nod back to the golden age of jewelry and accessories. Brooches had long been out of favor by fashion, but Lada Legina successfully reignites the spark of long gone times with her glittering crystal embellished brooches.

The glistening drama of the collection is born out of the frictions between older more glamorous times and the simplicity dominating the 21st century. Intricately crafted sequins and crystals break up the understated minimalism of fashion with the same vigor and flash of color that it breaks up an understated outfit. Like a sparkling, colorful omen of the ever-looming change in fashion, sequins, pearls, and crystals bring the colors and complexity of nature into the city.

The SS18 accessory collection is designed and handmade in Florida. The tedious handcrafting process puts a natural limit on the available quantities of the exclusive collection. But as a designer, Legina, is dedicated to preserving and promoting real artisanship and the unique products resulting from handwork.

DSC_0742 4.jpg
Lada LeginaComment
Bohemian Inspired with Influence of Folk Culture

There’s a real essence of nature and the whimsy of bohemian in the stunning and gorgeous designs produced by dress and accessory design brand, LADA LEGINA.

An exclusive collection of brooches, headbands, keychains, and bag adornments inspired by nature’s most beautiful bounty and embellished with multicolored crystals and beads, the brand gives their wearers exclusive, talk-able pieces of adornment.

Designed in Miami, collection is peppered with bold and unexpected accents from nature inspired motifs and designs that reflect Lada’s own Ukrainian cross cultural heritage woven into the beautiful materials and unique patterns.

The brand’s kaleidoscope of bright colors will infuse your look and style with an intangible spirit, soul and vibrancy that’s both captivating and indelible.

Fashionistas have the pleasure of purchasing the brand’s unique pieces almost all made in house by a team of dedicated artisans.

Lada LeginaComment