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I strongly believe that you can feel when something is handcrafted, you can sense the heart and soul that the artisan put into crafting it. In general, I strive to create something that yields back towards the old-fashioned traditions of handwork and artisanship. And that is why this exclusive collection is limited to the quantities allowed by tedious handcrafting techniques.

But that is what this project is all about. Making modern designs with a nod back to the golden age of accessories. Jewelry designs flashing the swing and glamour of long gone times with a touch of modern drama thrown in the mix. It’s about creating designs that reignite the sparks of glittering crystal embellished brooches — a style of jewelry that has been forgotten for far too long.

I aim to design accessories that break with the minimalistic monochromatic background of contemporary style and dares to make a dramatic statement in contrast to your little black cocktail dress or over-utilized casual wear. A flash of color in an otherwise monochromatic world.