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New Lada Legina jewelry: Modern Glitter and Glitz with a Nod to Nostalgia


My name is Lada Legina, and I’m the jewelry and accessory artisan refashioning the modern accessories landscape. I believe in rich, pulsating color. In accessories infused with the passion and soul of their creator that is in turn passed on to their owner. In modern style reimagined with nostalgic touches reminiscent of the golden age of accessories. Simply put, Lada Legina designs are a delightful revelry of color and glitz in a sea of monochromatic drudgery. 







I have recently released my new line of exquisitely handcrafted brooches that YOU will surely lust after. My brooches are steeped in drama and glamour, dripping with vibrant colors and meticulous depth and detail unrivalled in today’s fashion landscape. Inspired by the natural elements found in the mountain regions of Ukraine where I am from, my designs captivate both the eye and imagination. They are modern in their inception and form, yet infused with a nostalgia that celebrates an earlier era where glamour and spectacle in fashion were commonplace.  


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Lada Legina Designs have recently curated our SS18 Jewelry Ad Campaign featuring our stunning handcrafted and vibrant and timeless aesthetic jewelry, and we are proud to share it with you. 





Exquisitely handcrafted brooches bursting with passion and soul, harkening back to the golden age of accessories








The SS18 accessory collection is designed and handmade in Florida. A tedious handcrafting process assures each piece is an exclusive masterpiece not found anywhere else in the accessories market. A Lada design is a nod to authentic artisanship and a celebration of bold and artistic expression in an oftentimes too minimalist fashion landscape.  








I invite you to indulge in Lada Legina Designs. I very much look forward to answering your questions about this stunning collection and campaign, and I look forward to continuing our exciting collaboration. 


With Kind Regards,


Lada Legina