The Rise And Rise Of Art World’s Underdog


Pop art was the art world’s outcast ever since it was born. The reasons for that situation were plenty. Traditionalists who imagined themselves as patrons of art turned up their noses at pop art’s in-your-face graphic imagery.  Pop Art was not the shy kid at the block. It was very confident about who it was, denouncing the conventional rules of gallery and museum worthy art- deeming it too pretentious for its sake. As a result, traditionalists devised their own methods to denigrate pop art and dent its rising popularity. They called it “lowbrow”- as in, a form of art that cannot induce anything intellectual and was meant only for visual appeasement. And what was pop art’s reaction to all this? A greater scoffing of anything remotely traditional while it owned the new nomenclature handed down to it. Call pop art lowbrow as much as you want, you cannot deny that it is art meant for everybody. A kind of art that does not need to be validated to exist. Street walls and building facades became its canvas. Canned spray paints its components and psychedelic trance imagination as its accepted mural. No other artwork today can boast of the diversity that pop art holds. The likes of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring-among others- became its proud proponents. Truly, pop art was a people’s movement against the snobby establishment.  

Lada Legina- the famous Miami based statement jewelry brand has always stood up for the people. It is no wonder then, that she must stand up for pop-art as well. Contributing in her own way through an attractive line of surreal pop art posters which can be found on her official website, Lada Legina has paid homage to the magnificence of the pop art movement. Come, check them out at:

Surreal Salvador Dali Inspired Lada Legina Jewelry
Surreal PopArt Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
Surreal Salvador Dali inspired Lada Legina Jewelry.jpg
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