The Devamani Collection

Devamani is a Sanskrit name which literally translates to "Jewel of the Gods". Because Lada Legina's exclusive Party-wear statement jewelry collection will make you feel nothing less than what the name stands for. With jewelry pieces that were prepared with the most splendid care and techniques as if they were meant to be the gifts for Gods, treat yourself with sophisticated finery where finding a match of the same in any other collection from anywhere else might seem like a divine punishment. Come New Year's and you would not want to feel anything less than a diva. Adorned in the most glittering of our statement pieces, appease the inner Goddess within you by wearing timeless pieces from LadaLegina's exclusive collection. Welcome the oncoming year with the quiet confidence of a Goddess who knows how to rein the demons; come what may.

With bold design patterns combined with pastel hues, our earrings, as representative pieces of our entire collection, stand out for the flamboyance that they carry. Heavy and dramatic, they complement all those personalities which attract attention towards themselves, without making even the slightest of any attempt to do so.  The Head Turners, the Leaders of the Pack, the Flag bearers-are some of the sobriquets that shoppers of our fine jewelry earn for themselves by choosing to shop from us. And we know how not to offend your elevated aspirations.

lada legina Jewelry
Lada Legina Jewelry


Nadya Dzyak Pre-Fall 2019

Devamani collection Nadya Dzyak

Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Denis Manokha
Statement Jewelry: LADA LEGINA

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