Simplicity Meets Glamour: The New Accessory Line

“It’s all about the elegance in simplicity. You know? Restrained but still striking. Fitted trousers. Menswear inspired pieces. Tweed suits and silk shifts. Low heels or no heels. Oxford shoes and the like. And then you add some sparkle, a little glam. A bit of lace here, a touch of sequins here. Not enough to distract from the look, simply enough to enhance it. To take it to another level. To show the beautiful balance that can be achieved by combining simplicity along with glamour.”


Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Polina Grebenik
MUA: Kristina Buriak
Clothing: thebody.wear / Mariya Yaslinskaya
Statement Jewelry: Lada Legina


Say hello to the new Lada Legina line of accessories, featuring her signature eclectic meets luxurious style, with beautiful designs and delicately handcrafted pieces. If you are familiar with her work, then you already know that Lada Legina does not design for the girl-next-door but for the woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word.
This time, her campaign focuses on the idea that you can be less and be more at the same time. Instead of over-the-top rockstar glam, this collection is less loud but more personal. The models have been meticulously styled to show how simplicity and glamour can coexist beautifully. Legina has cleverly created a campaign which draws on rich, earthy hues and simple, delicate silhouettes, to create images that show off her new collection in a perfect light. And despite the lack of sparkles and sequins, the line which consists of stunning mono earrings as well as bracelets and cuffs, still makes a major statement.
This collection is quiet but determined. It is for a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. She does not need to scream “look at me!”, she simply walks into a room and everyone stares. Her jewelry is of course, unique. But being unique does not mean that is designed with crazy colors and in-your-face designs. In fact, her jewelry is uniquely understated, boldly restrained, elegantly fabulous. When everyone else is trying to stand out of the crowd but outdoing the next, the Lada Legina girl of this collection, does less but somehow it is still the most. As usual, only a handful of each accessory is developed because Legina’s philosophy dictates that accessories are meant to be special and not mass-produced.
We also see Legina’s love of the traditional in this collection. Her pieces are classic but still dynamic and vibrant enough for the modern woman. In one phrase, this new design collection is “simplicity meets glamour” and there is a piece for everyone.
The new Lada Legina collection and brand-new campaign photoshoot, are both now available at and

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