Queen of Versatility

Queen of Versatility

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Switching up aesthetics must be Lada Legina’s middle name because she is just so good at it. Just when you think you can put her glam-rock style into a box, she surprises you again. Her signature eclectic-luxurious aesthetic continues to catch the eye of forward-thinking stylists, designers and photographers in the fashion industry all over the world. The versatility of her stunning, handcrafted pieces is demonstrated, once again, in this latest Sammy Icon photoshoot.

Sammy Icon is a leading designer of funky, urban socks and the brand is known for its loud, “in your face” patterns and prints. Sammy Icon is a brand that speaks to the rebel― the ones who set the trends rather than follow them. Their bright, mismatched socks and funky, retro styling formed the perfect foundation to show off two of Lada Legina’s signature pieces. 

We’ve seen Lada Legina statement accessories in the throes of glitz and glam and we’ve also seen the more understated elegant side brought out of them. Now we see the brand’s true ability to be moulded and shaped to fit any style or aesthetic. The Chrome Pearl Mono earring truly comes alive against the funky backdrop of neon lavender and mint micro jumpsuit and bronze skin. Mono earrings are already a major style statement but when paired with offbeat nineties swag, the mono style truly comes alive. The Golden Pearl Hoop earrings also take stage, their antique glamour forming the perfect contrast for the uber trendy all-red ensemble and funky kicks.

Lada Legina designs for every woman and every style― and this shoot proves it. Keep an eye out for more from this Rockstar designer and see what barriers the brand will push through next.

sammyicon_fw18-lada legina jewelry 2018.jpg
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