Pop Art and Lada Legina—A Match-Made In Jewelry Heaven

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"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" –Andy Warhol

Picture it— it’s a decade or so post-WWII, and everyone’s a rebel. American twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings are wearing flower crowns (some are wearing afros), smoking weed and promoting peace, love and anti-establishment. The world of art is no different. Artists of the day were over the status-quo, and decided art didn’t need to be “high-brow” or complicated to be worthwhile or important; mass appeal and popular, relatable art could be important. And it could be beautiful.  This was the birth of pop art—vibrant, witty, and fun; it was art that didn’t take itself too seriously… which of course was the whole point.

“Art is what you can get away with”- Andy Warhol

Now some might say that pop art is making a comeback; others will say it never left. However, a look at some of the most influential catwalks will show more and more designers using the pop art era as inspiration as rule-breaking becomes fashionable again.

As usual, always a little bit ahead of the curve, the accessory industry’s favorite ‘eclectic meets glam’ designer has tapped into her inner Andy Warhol to produce a collection of exuberant, exciting earring designs.

Considering designer, Lada Legina’s love of vibrant colors and eclectic shapes, the only surprise is that a pop art-inspired collection didn’t come sooner. Her newest jewelry collection can be described simply as a match-made in heaven, as Legina’s signature, unique, whimsical look suits the over-the-top pop-art aesthetic perfectly. 

This particular collection features some familiar shapes and motifs such as big bold geometric stars, funky, silly hearts, cartoonish 3D circles and much more fabulousness. The pieces are exaggerated and dramatic, featuring monochrome color palettes and delicate, hand-sewn beading. In keeping with the pop art theme, this collection has dialed back some of signature Lada Legina sparkle that we’ve come to know and love. However, in its place are rich, luscious jeweled tones, with a rustic, almost antique shine.  And even without the sequins and shimmer, the pieces still maintain a sense of premium luxury and high-end design.

The attention to detail remains strong, as with every Legina collection; her meticulous hand and artistic eye, as usual, shine through. Like the pop art the collection was inspired by, these pieces are not delicate or dainty. They are loud, energetic statement pieces and the perfect new additions for the Lada Legina girl—a woman who is fearless and fabulous.

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