La Perla Collection


Gone are the days when people thought that sporting pearls was a trend adopted only during the vintage days of yore; when actresses like Audrey Hepburn and fashion icons like Coco Chanel would flamboyantly wear a pearly ornament to accentuate their inner femininity. Pearls can arguably be called the most understated and subtle of all jewelry embellishments. They have a soft radiance attached to them, with pastel hues of whites and baby pinks that they come in. Naturally, grunge-heads and metal-punks cannot be expected to sport them as much as primped up sophisticated ladies in charity ball events-unless those pearls are black, which are rare and expensive to begin with. However, winds of change have begun sweeping across fashion town, as we see a resurgence of pearls in a variety of ways. Today's jewelry landscape has widened its space to accommodate the inclusion of pearls which are not only polished to perfection, but also are in irregular shapes as if plucked right off from the ocean bed.

Lada Legina- who is always up with the latest trends, has her own enviable pearl collection-called La Perla collection- to pay her homage to the revenant of the jewelry industry. Lada Legina's pearls come strategically studded in her exquisite mono-earrings. These hand-made earrings come equipped with a variety of design patterns-most prominent among them being dangling crystal-tassels that add another dimension to their elegance. Available in pinks and whites, black and whites; shop for your favorite mono-earrings here

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