Inspired By Nature

If you have been paying close (or maybe even distant) attention to runway trends over the past decade, you will notice an overwhelming use of nature inspired motifs being incorporated in jewelry designs. While most designers use plant twigs or floral stems as a safe option for designing their jewelry, some bold mavericks walk down the difficult path of using representatives of the animal world-and not just silhouette outlines, but exact body pattern down to the last detail. One such maverick is Lada Legina. Not only is her jewelry in alignment with the current fashion trend, it stands out from the crowd for its meticulous- almost punctilious- layout design. Encrusted with the choicest of faux as well as real gems, crystals and pearls these jewelry pieces are a combination of contemporary quirkiness and aesthetic timelessness in equal proportions. Lada Legina's jewelry can easily blend in any kind of dress style, but stands out for its unique and bold designs. 

Speaking of specific examples from Lada Legina's collection, there is the Bronzed Wasp mono-earring that looks like an exact replica of a typical bug, but also doubles up as a stylish adornment; something that most entomology nerds would not be able to contain their excitement about. Similarly, style meets sharpness in the extremely lovable Blue Golden Parrot Brooch. Other elegant nature inspired statement pieces demand a book for themselves, not finding a mention here due to paucity of space. To check them all out, visit:

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