Gleam in Darkness

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It is almost impossible to imagine the horrors and pain of going through domestic violence: whether physical, sexual or mental, and the shock of it all when it comes from the hands of a loved one. It is even more horrifying when the presence of emotionally precarious children is involved. Saddening as it may be, it is an atrocious reality of the times that we live in. According to BO "Positive Women", almost one-third of all women were subjected to physical and/or sexual violence from their partners. And almost 40% of the killings of women around the world are performed by their partners. In 90% of cases, most of all domestic violence sufferers are women and children. Such spine-chilling statistics are enough to make anyone brood in despair and yet, many women and children are using their experiences of suffering to mould them into tools of victory.

Take for example, the case of Elena Stryzhak. Her tryst with HIV may have put her life into disarray for a brief period of time; where she experienced constant emotional upheavals, while being pregnant. Instead of receiving the support that she deserved, she received scorn and dejection. But that did not deter her from helping other HIV positive women from experiencing similar negativity, where she has been working for sixteen years in a row to minimize the difficulties and stress faced by them. So that not only their children are free from the disease, but live happier lives with their mothers. Elena's iron will and compassion allowed her to feature in Pink magazine's December edition. Not only that, Lada Legina ( the famous statement jewelry and accessories brand- stands in support for her.

Such positive support streaming in for victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse has instilled a ray of hope among those who go through tough times routinely. Moreover, it sends the message out to those victims still living in the dark that it is okay to end the vicious cycle of abuse that they have had received so far. That it is okay to reach out for help and heal from the trauma that they have been through. Like it is with jewelry, people are more beautiful when they gleam in darkness.

December issue of PINK Magazine Ukraine

Elena Stryzhak in our statement earrings.
Style: Varvara Barto

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