Draped In Silky Smoothness

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Silk is a fabric that is fit to belong to the wardrobes of royalty. Its ethereal fine quality feels like a lavish compliment to one’s skin. There is something very airy and musical about silk’s texture, where each of the strands deployed for the great purpose of constituting the fabric add a lyrical quality to produce a harmonious symphony of smooth cloth that silk ends up becoming.  Silk exudes soft radiance. It is the most luscious and exuberant of all fabric textures available today- something your skin- if it were a person- would swoon over. Because the love affair between your skin and silk is a match set in heaven. 

However, seeing the fine quality that silk possesses, most people assume that silk clothes should only be reserved for those rare special occasions.  This is where Lada Legina would like to bust the myth of silk’s usability. Not everything that is beautifully rich has to be dainty and fragile.  Silk can be used for everyday fashion, just as much as any other fabric can be. Although there may be the inevitable fading of your silk material, it would only add on a layer of vintage quality to your silk garment. Neither does silk require any royal care, contrary to the image that it portrays. Regular hand wash and/or dry cleaning should work just fine. 

With that being cleared, Lada Legina boasts of an excellent silk wardrobe which can be checked out at:

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