Defining Her Space

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The new pop art collection of statement earrings by Lada Legina is about a lot more than experimenting with a new kind of art form. Her new collection, which encompasses the vibrance and energy of pop art while combining it with the elegance and luxe quality of typical Lada Legina designs, might seem like a departure from the norm but is in fact very in keeping with the aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love. She has traded shimmer and sparkles for a richer, more dramatic style and it works perfectly as the newest addition to her line of statement accessories.

However, this new collection is about more than just pretty jewelry. As told by the designer herself, the collection is about her connection to energy and the world around us. In particular, the Space Luna Earrings speak to the designers relationship to energy, space and the cosmos, encapsulated in a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry. This energy and aesthetic are also echoed in the new designer's women’s apparel collection by Vika Adamskaya.

“When we talk about space and energy this collection means a lot to me. It’s about my feelings, my emotions, and soul. And not space in the literal sense of the sun, moon and stars but space in a more ethereal, transient sense, like heaven,” 

The collection is about defining her own space and making her mark on the world—“Space for me means challenging and commanding my energy, my kosmos and feeling freedom and a deeper connection to my own space and the world around me.”

This isn’t far from what we already know about Legina. She is a designer who designs for the individual and the woman who knows who she is. She designs for the fearless, the fierce and of course the fabulous. And this new collection is just the beginning.

Stylist: Varvara Barto
Photographer: Evgeniy Kostyuchenko
MUA: Iryna Khomyakova Make Up School
Post-production: Fashion Office
Models: SonTrava, Darina K (1motheragency)

Clothing: Vika Adamskaya

Jewelry: Lada Legina Jewelry & Accessories

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Lada Legina Earrings & Vika Adamskaya clothing.jpg
Lada Legina Earrings & Vika Adamskaya clothing.jpg
Lada Legina Jewelry & Vika Adamskaya Clothing.jpg
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