Bohemian Inspired with Influence of Folk Culture


There’s a real essence of nature and the whimsy of bohemian in the stunning and gorgeous designs produced by dress and accessory design brand, LADA LEGINA.

An exclusive collection of brooches, headbands, keychains, and bag adornments inspired by nature’s most beautiful bounty and embellished with multicolored crystals and beads, the brand gives their wearers exclusive, talk-able pieces of adornment.

Designed in Miami, collection is peppered with bold and unexpected accents from nature inspired motifs and designs that reflect Lada’s own Ukrainian cross cultural heritage woven into the beautiful materials and unique patterns.

The brand’s kaleidoscope of bright colors will infuse your look and style with an intangible spirit, soul and vibrancy that’s both captivating and indelible.

Fashionistas have the pleasure of purchasing the brand’s unique pieces almost all made in house by a team of dedicated artisans.

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